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About Colour Pet Studio

At Colour Pet Studio, we are becoming popular for our artistic and creative work with customized pet portraits. We are a company dedicated to creating cherished custom pet portraits in Acrylic or Oils. Each of the paintings we complete is lovingly crafted, and our creative team works with you to bring out the best features of your beloved pet, no matter the area or country you live in. You will fall in love with Cecilia Casilla’s work and with the care every member of the ColourPet Studio team offers. Customers love Artist Cecilia Casillas work and the helpful collaboration of her team of wonderful creatives!

What Type of Work Does Colour Pet Studio Do?

It is here that we capture the most loving memories in animal portraiture. We offer beautiful, creative and sensitive hand-painted pet portraits, and personalise each of the drawings to bring out the best in the pet and thereby help you cherish the memories. We capture the memory of your loving pet in a beautifully rendered modern painting.

It is through the use of acrylics or oils that we can capture the memory, the essence and the soul of that beautiful animal of yours. Our pet paintings offer a magic that photographs just can’t offer. It’s this that lets us bring out the characteristics of your pet, and the wonderful loving bond you have.

Our Beginnings

ColourPet Studio is the creative culmination of a passion for pets and for painting. Created by Cecilia Casillas, a long time pet owner and artist, the company has become a venue through which she and her creative team work to bring to life the best characteristics of a beloved pet.

About Cecilia Casillas

Born in Mexico, a country of vivid beauty and colourful people, Cecilia Casillas brings the passion of her country of birth into her current artistic work with pets. Cecilia has painted since childhood, and studied with Mexican painters Paul Achar and Carlos Arias. In 2014, she came to Melbourne to continue refining her artistic skills, and finishing her bachelor's degree.

As a child Cecilia had many favoured pets and created her own hand-painted mementos of these cherished animals. She found that her artistic skills, her passion and creativity worked well in bringing out the essence of these beloved animals.

Founding ColourPet Studio in 2014 has allowed her to share her pet painting skills with people from all over the world. She now brings pet owners joy through her painting at a very affordable price.

Her Motives?

“I believe everyone who owns a pet has a right to make a lasting memory of the joy and love these little friends bring to our lives. It’s sharing this love that makes me passionate about my field.” Cecilia’s pet portraits are vibrant, colourful, and modern and she has a special skill that allows her to bring out the personality of each animal she is commissioned to paint.

Cecilia’s clients find her work fascinating and they are always more than pleased with the quality of her workmanship when it comes to hand painted pet portraiture. “I never imagined I would receive such a beautiful painting of my pet for such an incredible price. I am impressed with Cecilia's ability to pull out the playful personality of my little Cecil. Thanks so much!” - Amy Burns

The ColourPet Studio Mission

Today, the ColourPet Studio team is one that has been carefully selected by Cecilia Casillas. It is a team of caring individuals who want to share their passion for art and for the animals that we hold dear in our hearts. Their mission is to help you make and keep those beautiful memories of a loving pet forever vivid and in your heart through a timeless hand painted pet portrait. We understand that your pet is just as much a part of the family as any other family member.

How Does ColourPet Studio Do It?

The team at ColourPet Studio offers quality and beauty at an affordable price. All you have to do is send in a photograph of your favourite pet, making sure that the quality of the image is clear. Cecilia and her team of pet lovers will create a hand-painted portrait of your pet, capturing the very essence; the soul of the animal you love so dearly.

We all know that animals don’t speak, and it may be this inability that allows them to speak volumes through their eyes, their features the way they hold themselves. It is this that Cecilia captures on paper or canvas. The very first thing you’ll notice upon receiving one of these treasured pet portrait paintings is her ability to make your pet come alive through her art. Contact us today, so we can get started on your custom hand-painted pet portrait.

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