Acrylic Pet Painting

Acrylic Pet Painting

Anyone who owns a pet knows the love and joy they can bring to any family or home. Your pet is a part of your family, like a sibling or child. Throughout the years, you and your pet will share many amazing and life changing experiences that will fulfil your life even more so than it did before. With such as strong bond, it’s important to cherish these moments forever. This is where an acrylic pet painting can capture your pet in a new and wonderful way like never before.

At Colour Pet Studio we want to give you something that you’ll remember your pet by for the rest of your life. We believe in cherishing a memory even after your pet has passed on, that’s why we’re pleased to offer our acrylic pet painting services to all pet owners.

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Colour Pet Studio’s Acrylic Pet Painting Services

Our acrylic pet painting services can give you a new way to love and cherish your pet. From a clear photo sent by you, we can repaint your pet in acrylic paints to capture their personality just as you remember them. When painting your acrylic pet painting we use bright, warm and inviting colours which matches your pet beautifully to ensure every essence of their nature is captured in the painting. The painting is generally painted on either paper or canvas and can provide you with a long lasting and forever cherished memory of your beloved fur baby.

Why Colour Pet Studio?

Colour Pet Studio believes in bringing your pet to life. We believe in not just painting from a photo, we believe in bringing that photo to life by bringing out your pet’s best features and personality. Each acrylic pet painting is painted by talented and professional artists who are also animal lovers. That’s why we believe in creating paintings that we’re proud of and that you will love for years at a time.

Colour Pet Studio understand the importance of getting each painting right. We know the love and connection you feel with your pet, because we feel it too. We put love and respect into each acrylic pet painting to ensure the completed painting is something to be proud of. Every pet portrait which is completed by Colour Pet Studio can easily be given as a gift or hung on a wall surface. To highlight your photo better, we insist on placing your painting in well-lit areas and away from moisture or dampness to ensure the integrity of the painting isn’t compromised for a long time to come.

The Colour Pet Studio Team

Here at Colour Pet Studio we know the success of our paintings comes down to our artists. Cecilia Casillas, founder of Colour Pet Studio and artist herself loves to paint all animals. Her team has been handpicked because of their artistic skills and their love and joy of animals. Cecilia and her team are dedicated on bringing out the best of your pet in their painting so you can remember your beautiful fur baby always and forever through bright, warm colours. If you would like more information about Cecilia or her team, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Contact Colour Pet Studio

Colour Pet Studio is proud to provide you with acrylic pet painting services that can really make your pet come alive. Whether you have a pet frog to a pet cow, Colour Pet Studio is pleased to be given the chance to capture that special moment forever to hang on your wall. If you’re interested in an acrylic pet painting for you or someone you know, but want to know more about our painting services, please contact our friendly team today. We are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have. Allow us to start your pets journey to an acrylic portrait with Colour Pet Studio.

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