Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. In the way they act to the way they show love, your pet dog can really bring some warmth and love to a home like no other animal can. Your pet dog will be your life companion and will do everything a best friend would. They not only make great listeners but can keep you company on lonely nights. Across the years, you and your pet dog will share some amazing memories which you will cherish for years after they pass on.

Here at Colour Pet Studio we understand the love you feel for your pet because we are pet lovers too. That’s why we’re proud to offer dog portraits and painting services which can bring new life to your pet in a unique and colourful way that you can cherish for years to come. Every dog portrait we paint is completely different and unique. We know that all dogs are different and have their own personality. That’s why our professional and talented team of artists work hard on bringing out the best of your pet’s personality through our professional dog portraits.

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How Does The Painting Process Work?

We believe all dogs are special. Our team starts the painting process by taking a clear photo from you of your pet dog to use as a template. They then recreate the image by taking the best angle and highlights of the photo to best capture your pets nature and personality. All paintings are completed on paper or canvas and are hand painted to ensure the best qualities of your pet aren’t missed in the final design.

All paintings are generally completed using either oil or acrylic paints to ensure all paintings maintain their colour, life, and beauty for years at a time. All dog portraits are recreated with care and detail to ensure each and every customer is satisfied with the finished result. Our team works extremely hard to bring out the personality of your pet in each painting so you feel closer to them even when they pass on.

Colour Pet Studio Painting Team

Here at Colour Pet Studio we know the success of our studio relies heavily on the talent and skills of our artists. Cecilia Casillas and her professional team are all talented artists and animal lovers who love bringing dogs and other animals to life through their painting services. Each painting is unique and original to each customer, and gives you a glimpse of your pet in a new, colourful and beautiful way.

Why Colour Pet Studio?

Colour Pet Studio is like no other painting service when it comes to dog portraits. We believe in capturing the heart and soul of your dog in all our paintings instead of just painting from a photo. We believe to bring out emotion from the painting we must paint from the heart. We believe this is what makes our dog portraits different from any other painting studios.

Hanging Tips For New Dog Portraits

Colour Pet Studio is proud to offer a number of hanging tips for your new dog portrait. Although you don’t have to use these tips, we recommend them to ensure the longevity of your painting for years to come and to maximize their beauty.

  • Keep the painting away from moisture or dampness prone areas.
  • Always keep your painting out of reach of small children to preserve the condition and memory of the painting.
  • Hang the painting in a well-lit area to highlight your painting with more light.
  • Place your painting on a wall as a singular piece or hang small photos around it to make it the centrepiece.

Contact Colour Pet Studio

At Colour Pet Studio we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our painting services and how we can bring your photo to life. As animal lovers ourselves we believe that your dog is special and deserves to be remembered forever. If you’re looking to have your own dog portrait painted or would like more information, please contact one of our friendly team members here at Colour Pet Studio today. We are more than happy to help you with any enquiries you have about our dog portraits or how we can help you start the next chapter in your dog’s life with our painting services.

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