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We love our job. And we want to show you how we turn your every day photo into an emotional, tug at your heartstrings, painting. We take a photograph that you like, one where you feel the image has captured the best characteristics of your cute pet and turn it into a powerhouse painting that “Wow’s” you and everyone who sees it. Here are just a few examples of photographs the ColourPet Studio team has turned into beautiful paintings.

Please see below a number of examples:

At Colour Pet Studio, we are known as the company that offers emotionally beautiful, yet very realistic renderings of a special pet. We are experts in hand painted pet portraits.
Founded in 2014 by Mexican born artist Cecilia Casillas, our business specialises in custom hand-painted pet portraits for customers residing all over the world.
Cecilia started her career by taking classes with renowned artists Carlos Arias and Paul Achar. In 2013 she took a huge leap out into the world, deciding to make Melbourne Australia her home, in order to complete her artistic studies at RMIT University. Today, Cecilia has fused her two loves, that of animals and art to create an outstanding and sought after business in Melbourne and the world. Cecilia creates vivid, modern and gorgeous pet paintings from photographs you take of your beloved pet.

What Types of Pet Portraits Does She Do?

Cecilia loves cats and dogs, but she also finds it interesting and challenging to paint other types of animals as well. These include: frogs, fish, horses and more.

The Colour Pet Studio Work

Our customers find the Colour Pet Studio pet portraits are very personal. They portray the warmth, the personal characteristics and the beauty of your pet. We capture those priceless moments, and turn them into mementos to cherish an entire lifetime. Whenever you wish to capture that special feeling, look or moment of your pet or that of a loved one’s pet, contact us here at Colour Pet studio. We can help create something so beautiful you won’t really be able to fathom it until you receive your painting.

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“Cecilia really does some amazing work!” agree her customers.  Yet it is very affordable with prices that start at just $50. However, keep in mind that the final cost does depend on what you ask for and the canvas size you choose. Other factors that will affect cost are the complexity of the composition and whether you commission work in acrylic or oils.
All you have to do is send us the picture you want converted to art. We understand that choosing the right picture can take careful thought and analysis, so if you feel confused give us a call. We will help you think it through. For specific commissions or work call us and one of our representatives will help you.
To commission standard pet portraits contact us via email or by submitting our work order. We will send you a written confirmation and require an upfront payment of your commissioned pet portrait work. At this time we only accept PayPal as payment method and we will ship your order within 10 to 15 business days.


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